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 Air Masses and Fronts - Study Jams video
Fronts - Animations
Air Masses - Interactive animation
Enter Your Zip Code - Check today's weather using four different weather stations.   (28730)
Weather Patterns  - Scroll to the bottom of the page for the activityl
Asheville, NC - Temperature and precipitation monthly averages  
Weather VS Climate - What's the difference?
Climate Zones - Visualization 
Climate Zones - Bar graph maker 
Earth in Motion: Seasons - View the activity and complete the activities.
Seasons - Slideshow 
Weather Flash -  Help Stan the Weatherman out with his forecasts
Weather for Kids Part 1 - You Tube by the Weather Channel 
Weather for Kids Part 2 - You Tube from by the Weather Channel 
Introduction to Weather - You Tube Simple video by a student 
What is Weather? - BBC cute tutorial 
What are Air Masses? - You Tube video 
Weather Flash - See if you can make the map match Stan's forecast.
The Hydrolic Cycle - from the National Weather Service 
Hydrolic Cycle - Animation 
Ocean Circulation - Animation 
Ed Heads WeatherLearn how to report and predict the weather with an interactive map, animations, sounds, and different levels of difficulty.
Important Weather FactsStudents need to know all of these facts for the EOG.
Introduction to the Atmosphere - Includes class experiments 
The Jet Stream - Online school for weather. Includes global weather and ocean currents.
Climate and Weather - Video by NASA Connect.  
Climate Zone  - Learn about climates of the world on this site.
Ocean Salinity - How much salt is in the ocean? Choose Intermediate and Advanced levels to read more. 
Droplet and the Water Cycle - Avoid pitfalls and predators while you navigate through several challenging levels of the hydrolic cycle.
Water Cycle - Animation 
Water Cycle A - Animations that explain elements of the water cycle
Water Cycle B Another great water cycle animation.
Water Cycle C -  This is a more complicated diagram. For fifth grade EOG purposes, students need to know:
collection (includes runoff and groundwater) 
Water Cycle Song - Mr. Parr 
Study Jams Water Cycle VideoWater is constantly moving, but where does it go? Watch this three minute video and get the full story on the water cycle.
Observe a Raindrop - traveling through the water cycle.  
EvaporationA tutorial about evaporation and the conditions that effect evaporation.
Weather - I Know That 
Wind - Bill Nye video
Coriolis Effect - Animation 
The Water Cycle - Study Jams video 
Weather Fronts - Video - Warm, cold, stationary, and occluded 
Global Wind Circulation - Another animation 
Atmospheric Pressure - Includes video called What Makes the Wind Blow?
Clouds - National Weather Service - Lots of stuff here! 
Clouds Tested on the EOG - There are really more than four types of clouds, many more! The four categories listed here are the basis for classifying them all. These names can be combined with each other or with prefixes and suffixes to form at least 10 different cloud types. For EOG purposes, students only need to know these four.
Three Basic Cloud Types - Short slideshows 
Three Main Clouds - Video. Good introduction. 
Cool Clouds - Video showing all main types 
Cloud Systems - Short convection video
Cloud Match -  Drag the photos of clouds on left to the correct name for that cloud on the right.
Weather Maker A fun interactive way for students to see why changing individual conditions cause a specific change in the overall weather.
Seasons Animation - See how the Earth's tilt, combined with its orbit around the sun, lead to seasonal changes.
North and South - Opposite Seasons - Animation Windows to the Universe 
Seasons - Interactive
Earth-Sun Relation - Animation showing  12 months
Seasonal Sunlight - Animation 
Seasons  - Interactive
Water Cycle - Bill Nye video 
Coriolis Effect - Animation
WeatherBug - Get all weather information here! Use this information to access the site. Zip(28806) School (County Office) School (Estes)
Storms - Bill Nye video
Weather for Kids - ScienceKids
Types of Clouds - You Tube 
Interview with a Meteorologist 
How do Clouds Form? - Short video 
Cloud Types - Interactive 
Online Cloud Guide 
Wild Weather Adventure - A game you can play against other players 
Seasons - Animation 
Barometric Pressure - The Blizzard of '93 
Air Masses - Animation 
Air Masses and Fronts - Study Jams
Fronts- Interactive 
Global Winds - Movie 
Upwelling- Animation 
Ocean Circulation - Several animations 
El Nino - Video
El Nino, La Nina - Good animation. 
Same Animation   with video 
The Life and Times of El Nino - You Tube 45-min. video 
El Nino - National Geographic video 
El Nino - You Tube 
Gulf Stream- Animation showing June - December - Beautiful!
Gulf Stream - Quick animation 
Weather and Climate - Song by Rhianna and picture collage. 
Ocean Currents Song - Mr. Parr 
Floods  Song - Mr. Parr 
Winds Blow Song - Mr. Parr 
Storm Clouds Song - Mr. Parr 
E-Learning for Kids 
Cloud Spotter - from the National Weather Service. Print on cardstock. 
Interactive Weather Map - Drag symbols onto map. 
Weather Fronts - You Tube - cartoon people
Creating a Weather Front - Experiment with jars - You Tube 
Weather and Climate - UNC TV - Many choices
Last Modified on June 17, 2014