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All About Genetics - Kids' Health
Heredity - Brain Pop video
Heredity - Study Jams video
Inherited Traits - You Tube video - No words. Good for introduction.
Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms - In English and in Spanish
Learn Genetics - Tour the Basics
Where Did You Get Your  Genes? To answer this question, work through this Discovery Lab.
Whose Genes? - With Tiki the Penguin - Work through the first 4 chapters only.
Michael's Inside Scoop - Play the Game
DNA - The Double Helix - From the official site of the Nobel Prize.
Monstor Story - Ask a biologist.
Monster Manual - Build a monster using your knowledge of genetics.
Build a Monster Click in the yellow menu on this page for directions.  
Introduction to Heredity - Lesson plans and activities to use in the classroom.
Build a Fish - In this game, it's your job to design a fish with the right adaptations to survive. 
I Want to Know - Heredity - United Streaming video
Dog Breeding - Interactive
Last Modified on March 31, 2014